World menstruation day – Know history and significance in Ayurveda

History and significance of the day

Menstrual health management has been promoted by public health organizations from grassroots to UN agencies. In May 2013, WASH United, a German NGO, began a social media campaign on Twitter. WASH stands for water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Their campaign focused on women’s health management and menstrual hygiene. As a result of the successful campaign, the first official Menstrual Hygiene Day was observed on 28 May 2014 with rallies, workshops, exhibitions, and more.

According to WASH, the Menstrual Hygiene Day is specifically observed on May 28 due to the 28-day menstrual cycle, which lasts for about five days each month. It was decided to choose 28 May since it is the 5th month of the year.

Menstruation important cycles of a woman’s life

Menstruation being one of the most important cycles of a woman’s life, it is important to understand how it works. A woman has a right to know how the reproductive system and cycle function since this is a fundamental study for a healthy life. So it’s a need of hour that in school time only the basic of reproductive system should be introduced so that every girl should be able to understand about the physical changes that come to the body and they should be mentally prepared about the cycle which will soon be a part of there health. As PCOD, Fibroid, Infertility being the major problems of today’s era, it has to be understood what are the reasons for this, how can we overcome these problems and how to get away for a healthy life. 

And here the role of Ayurveda comes because there is a beautiful explanation of menstrual cycle and it’s clinical importance in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda our Acharyas has told us special Rajswala Paricharya that is how a woman should behave and what she has to do during periods, what precautions should she take for the proper wellbeing of the body. During menses it has been told that women should take proper rest she should not do hectic work,games,running etc she should take light diet that is easy to digest in nature which we call as satvik Anna so avoid nonveg,egg,paneer, mushroom,soyabeen, fried things, fermented food etc take rest but don’t sleep at daytime it will vitate the doshas,the natural urges should not be suppressed so that the vaat dosas not get vitated instead of this if this is done here the problems start that is pain, during menses,clots ,fever,heavy bleeding etc like problems come cause when the uterus is in bleeding phase still we are not giving rest and from this the problems start .

Regarding hygiene, every woman should learn how to change sanitary napkins properly and switch to sanitary napkins instead of cloth otherwise many serious health problems may result.

Nowadays many other things are in demand, such as tampons, cups, and so on, so you should learn from your doctor why these things should be avoided.

And one thing which is now seen very commonly is during menses due to severe pain women’s are taking pain killers which is very harmful as it further can harm your kidney.

Other serious issue today we see that for various problems of PCOD, Fibroid, Bulky uterus, bleeding problems doctors are suggesting Hysterectomy i.e Removal of uterus and again here comes the role of Ayurvedic and Panchkarma treatment so you should consult your Ayurvedic consultant for details of this and you should take benefit from this as Uterus and menstruation cycle being the major health reason of women we should always try to overcome the problem s related to this specially by taking our old Ayurvedic Indian medicine and Panchkarma.


On this important day, I will emphasize that if you follow the proper Rajaswala Paricharya which I discussed before, then there will be no problems during pregnancy; if the garbhini Paricharya, which describes what precautions should be taken during pregnancy, is followed, then there will not be any problems after childbirth; and if you follow the proper Sutika Paricharya, which explains what should be done after childbirth, then there will be no problems during menopause.

😊Take care of yourself and accept Ayurveda as the way to a happy and healthy life.

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