Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava takes a holistic approach to treat piles, giving you a choice of Ayurvedic Medicines and Ksharsutra treatment in Allahabad to treat Anal Abscess, as well as natural solutions to prevent the problem in the first place.

Anal Abscess Symptoms

Anal Abscess Causes

Anal Abscess Treatment

Fistula-in-ano is one of the most common anorectal diseases in which the chronic granulating track runs from the anal canal or rectum to the perianal skin or perineum and is associated with considerable discomfort and morbidity to the patient.

01. Anal Abscess Symptoms

  • Pain or discomfort near the anus or buttocks.
  • Fatigue.
  • Fever.
  • Night sweats.
  • Constipation or painful bowel movements.
  • Swelling or redness near the anus.
  • Lump or painful hardened tissue near the anus.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.

02. Anal Abscess Causes

  • Blocked glands in the anal area.
  • Infection of an anal fissure.
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STD)
  • Trauma.

03. Anal Abscess Treatment

Satyam PandeySatyam Pandey
17:06 10 Mar 24
Rudra NandanRudra Nandan
09:06 06 Mar 24
Shri Vishwa Shraddha Hospital is the best hospital in Allahabad where BAMS Doctor Ashutosh Srivastava ji is a skilled doctor who treats fissure fistula piles etc. I had indergone fistula operation through chhaar sutra method, he treated me and I am completely healthy. And he pays full attention to the patient, talks nicely and is a good doctor.
Anamika BhartiyaAnamika Bhartiya
02:50 05 Mar 24
Hi ! I had some period issue since few years and I went to many doctors but I got no relief then I went to Dr. Akansha Shrivastav who helped me a lot. My periods have improved a lot by taking her Ayurveda medicine . So if you have any kind of health issues you must visit
Ashish KumarAshish Kumar
05:24 20 Dec 23
I am very happy with the doctor and I will recommend Dr.Ashutosh to everyone who is suffering from any abdominal problem including Anorectal issues. Thanks a lot Dr.Ashutosh you are really genius.
Pramod KumarPramod Kumar
15:50 14 Nov 23
Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava ji is a good doctor who treats fistula using Ksharsutra method, his behavior towards patients is very simple and soft spoken.Thank you so much sir
14:29 13 Oct 23
My father facing piles and fistula problem since more than 25 years , Now he is fit today after taken treatment Ksharsutra by Dr Ashutosh Srivastava sir. Thank you so much sir.
Ramona ShindeRamona Shinde
13:04 01 Aug 22
No issues. Professional office. Been a patient for over 4 yearsThe best and the most popular piles doctor in allahabad.I would highly recommend
Shalu GroverShalu Grover
10:10 29 Jul 22
One of the best fistula doctor in prayagraj.The doctor is excellent in his service. I am very satisfied with the treatment given. I'm facing no issues as I am fully healed!
Ranbir KholiRanbir Kholi
10:08 29 Jul 22
One of the best service center in the city for Piles doctor in Allahabad. It's amazing. People loved it. Highly recommended to all..
06:09 25 Jul 22
One of the best service center in the city for Piles doctor in Allahabad. It's amazing. People loved it. Highly recommended to all.
Shushi SharmaShushi Sharma
07:44 11 Jun 22
Consulted Doctor for my elder brother. He seems to be an expert in the field of Ayurvedic treatment of damaged optic nerves , to the extent possible. He is very straight forward & objective in his approach.
Karthik RamankrishnaKarthik Ramankrishna
15:00 09 Jun 22
Here you will find the best doctor for Asthma. So for such treatments go through here for sure. Very thankful to them

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