About viruses :

A virus is a tiny infectious particle that can reproduce only by infecting a host cell . Viruses command the host cell and use its resources to make more viruses, basically reprogramming it to become virus factory.

About Corona virus and how it effects healthy cell:

Mostly all the viruses are very small in size measures in nanometer like Corona virus it can be 15 to 200 nanometers.

Coronavirus is spherical positive stranded RNA viruses with a crown like appearance and characterized by club like spikes that projects from their surface,an unusually large RNA genome and a unique replication strategy .This new virus seems to be very contagious and has quickly spread globally.The virus is enveloped in bubble of oily lipid molecules which falls apart on contact with soap.

The virus infects the cell by fusing it’s oily membrane with the membrane of the cell. Once inside the coronavirus releases a snippet of genetic material called RNA .The infected cell reads the RNA and begins making proteins that will keep the immune system at bay and help to assemble new copies of the virus.

As the infection progress the machinery of the cell begins to churn out new spikes and other proteins that will form more copies of the coronavirus.

Each infected cell can release millions of copies of the virus before the cell finally breaks down and dies. The viruses may infect nearby cells or end up in droplets that escape the lungs.

How Coronavirus came:

The source of Coronavirus is believed to be a wet market in Wuhan China which sold both dead and live animals, including fish and birds also,such market are a main source of risk of viruses jumping from animals to human(As hygiene is very hard to maintain) But it was concluded that the virus could also be transmitted from human to human and symptomatic people are the most frequent source of Covid -19 spread . There are suggestions who remain asymptomatic could transmit the virus .This suggests that the use of isolation is the best way to fights with this.

Transmission of Covid 19 virus :

The tiny droplets like coughs, sneeze it end up on surface and get dry quickly the flatter the surface the less the virus will stick to it.

The skin is an ideal surface the proteins and fatty acids in the dead cells on the surface interact with the virus.when you touch ,say a steel surface with a virus particles on it it will stick to your skin and get transferred onto your hands and so in your body so easily.

But if you are not infected and you touch your face through the virus can get transferred from your hands on to your eyes and this makes the virus dangerously close to the airways and the mucus membranes in and around your mouth and eyes which can lead to a viral infection unless your immune system is that much good to kill the virus.

This Covid virus is thought to stay active on favourable surfaces for hours and possibly a day .Moisture , sunlight and heat make the virus less stable

Why soap and sanitiser is must: ki

Mostly people touch their face eyes very frequently and once the virus is on your hands you are at high risk unless you can wash the active virus off,and it can not be washed away simply by water as the virus is sticky so we must use soap .As soap water is totally different it contains fat like substances similar to the lipids in the virus outer membrane. soap molecules compete with the lipids in the virus outer layer and it also outcompetes the interactions between the virus and the skin surface.

Soon the virus get detached and fall apart on the combined action of soap and water.

And as our skin is very rough and that’s why we need a fair amount of rubbing and soaking to ensure soap reaches very nook and cranny on the skin surface that could be hiding active viruses.

Disinfectants or liquids ,wipes gels and creams containing alcohol have similar effects but are not as effective as normal soap without a considerably high concentration of alcohol. Because while using wipes or sanitiser it is hard to say that every part of hand is covered and sanitised which is easier for people by the use of soap.

What symptoms can be appear with this infection?

Coronavirus invade the respiratory tract via the nose .After an incubation period of about 3 days they cause the general symptoms of common cold, including nasal obstruction, sneezing,runny nose some time cough , it also cause fever as the immune system fights to clear the virus . In severe cases the immune system can overreact and start attacking lung cells .The lungs become obstructed with fluid and dying cells,making difficult to breathe.So a small percentage of infections can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome and possibly death.

Coughing and sneezing can expel virus laden droplets onto nearby people and surfaces where the virus can remain infectious for several days. Infected people can avoid spreading the virus by wearing a mask,but healthy people do not need to wear a mask unless they are caring for a sick person.

Patient and public Education :

Patients,public and families should receive instructions to-

1. Avoid close contact with subjects suffering from acute respiratory infections.

2. Wash their hands frequently, especially after contact with sick people or their environment .

3 .Avoid unprotected contact with farm and wild animals.

4. People with symptoms of acute airways infections should keep distance, cover while coughing or sneezing with the use of disposable tissues or cloths and wash their hands everytime.

5. Immunocompromised patients should avoid public exposure and public gatherings.such patients must be shifted in a closed space. And before exposure of an individual hygiene should be maintained.

5 Strict personal hygiene measures are necessary for the prevention and control of this infection.

Who are at more risk to coronavirus :

Mostly the patients over 50 years and who are immunocompromised or already suffering from diseases are at high risk. Young children appears to be mildly infected but should take care The mortality rates for cases globally remains between 1% to


What other precautions we can take and how to we can build our immunity According to Ayurveda?

A. Immunity can not be built in one day this have to be understand by all of us .And our Ayurveda Texts and the Acharyas had already given all the ways how we can build our immunity and increase our AAYU that is life span.

B. About any epidemic disease or it may pandemic our Acharyas already told this in Janopdwans adhayay .It had been told that- though there is dissimilarity in the physical constitution of human beings, there are such factors as are common to all individuals. They are – air, water, location and seasons. (Vayu, Udaka, Desha and Kala). and vitiation of these factors leads to the simultaneous manifestations of diseases having the same set of symptoms leaving to the destruction of a country.

C. Dincharya adhayay ( how we should start our day to keep us fit and healthy) and Ritucharya adhaya (how we should behave and what to eat in particular ritu to keep us fit and healthy)is also told by Acharya CHARKA if followed by every one than no doubt our immunity will always be good and we will not need the magic instructions or Medicine which will immunate us at once. More over this, Acharyas also given us Rasayan chikitsa and Aachar Rasayan which if taken in proper way also do the same.(get details by Ayurvedic physician)

D .Our Panchkarm treatment and procedures are specially given according to the doshas of our body and according to the ritus it is advised. By this we can detoxify our body and rejuvenate it also, just as we do the servicing of our vehicle. This help us very much ,as when the dosh,dhatu,and mal in the body will be in samyavastha (normal)our body will be able to fights for any infections in our body.

E .In Panchkarma we generally advice Vaman procedure in vasant Ritu as the kaffa is vitated in this Ritu, Basti in Varsha Ritu as vaat Dosh is vitated,and Virechan in sharad Ritu as pitta dosh is vitated , according to patients prakruti.

F .If you are not able to take Panchkarma then at least you should take castor oil once in a month it is very helpful as suggested by your Ayurvedic physician.

G .What ever advisery we are receiving today is already be told in our Dincharya adhaya. So if we start following our ancient Ayurveda we will always be ready to fight against any deadly viruses like CORONA.

Have a look on these important points and follow it :

1 Avoid eating pulpy fruits,like banana,apple,kivi as these increases the kafa dosha in body ,we can use juicy fruits like orange,grapes, pomegranate which are rich in vitamin C.

2 Avoid cold drink, cold water, ice-cream, preservatives food, curd,canned food,junk food, cold products should be avoided ,as this is vasant Ritu and kafa Dosh is vitated in this and as a precaution we have to keep our doshas normal. Start drinking boiled and luke warm water,and have homemade food items.

3 Do pranayam,yoga daily like Surya namaskar,anulom vilom,kapal bhati and deep breathing exercises as these are very important for your lungs it increases the capacity of lungs cell to hold more oxygen,if you don’t know procedure see you tube or contact any Ayurvedic physician.

4. Stop using red colour cloths as they are more prone for infection as it’s colour resemble our blood colour.

5 Sanitise your mobile phone by using spirit also as it is one of the main source of infections in us and specially in kids .Avoid the soft toys which kids use to play. And keep your toothpaste separate because when we use it every family member touch the brush with toothpaste which may transmit the infection.

6. Wash your hands specially by soap for 20 to 30 seconds as only by sanitiser some areas of hands are not covered .

7. For small kids immunity take advice by an Ayurvedic physician for Suwarnprashan drops and home made ghuti .Give them milk with turmeric and sunth(dry ginger) power .

8. Take proper sleep and start your day early with yoga and pranayam.

9. Dont hold your urges(like urine, motions etc) let them out of your body so that the toxins comes out .

10.If you have any cold ,flu like symptoms or fever take rest and cover your mouth with mask along with treatment as advised by doctor.

11. Whenever you feel sick having fever or any symptoms according to Ayurveda best thing as precaution is Langham (having fast) for some time,then take advice from your physician.

11 .Take sadrasatmak Aahar(which includes all 6 rasas , don’t avoid bitter taste food like karela which is very important for body), fruits and green vegetables.

12 . Don’t be panic if mask is not available in market cover your face with four time fold of your handkerchief and use it by fixing rubber band in it.

13.Use after shave lotion ,soap which is available in any general marchat shop, if sanitiser is not available .

14.Use Kapoor ,ajwain, guggul,lohban,tagar,dhoop, black til, dried cowdung,ral ,ghee etc can be use for havan or simply burn it so that air near by you get purify.

15.Don’t be afraid of this virus, that it may infect us when we use day to day things or when we have been exposed outside because in Ayurveda ‘Shankavisha’ is described which means that just because you think that may be I am infected from this….this thinking can lead to increase the symptoms of infection…and can decrease your immunity.

16.Don’t be afraid because if your immunity is good than you need not to be panic because it can easily be cured after some symptoms .But whenever you have symptoms like cold, cough,runny nose,fever, shortness in breath then inform to the helpline numbers,so that if you are positive it can not be pass on to other family members.

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