Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fissure

An anal fissure is a small, oval shaped tear in skin that lines the opening of the anus. Fissures typically cause severe pain and bleeding with bowel movements. Anal fissures can occur at any age. Most (85-90%) fissures occur in the posterior (back) midline of the anus with about 10-15% occurring in the anterior (front) midline.


The typical symptoms of anal fissure include;

  • Pain; and
  • Bleeding with bowel movements.

Patients note severe pain during, and after a bowel movement. They also notice bright red blood from the anus that can be seen on the toilet paper or on the stool.


  • Trauma to inner lining of the anus
  • Loose stools
  • Diarrhea
  • Hard, dry bowel movement
  • Chronic amoebiasis
  • Chron’s disease
  • Ulcerative colitis

Anal fissures may be acute or chronic. Acute fissures may have the appearance of a simple tear in the anus, whereas chronic fissures may have swelling and scar tissue present. Chronic fissures may be more difficult to treat and also have an external lump associated with the tear, which is called sentinel pile or skin tag, as well as extra tissue just inside the anal canal, referred to as a hypertrophied papilla.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fissure:

According to ayurveda, a disease occurs due to an impairment of the body energies. Ayurveda believes that the imparement of digestive system with the predominance of apana vata is the cause for fissures, and if bleeding occurs, it is due to Ranjaka Pitta.

Line of treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fissure improves digestion and metabolism.

Treatments – The treatment modalities includes Kshara Karma, panchakarma, external therapies, internal medications, Activities, Advice of food and life style changes.

Kshara Karma : 

Ayurvedic treatment for fissures include using index finger coupled with ayurvedic healing oils. In Ayurveda, the sentinal tag is cut by using a specialized medicated alkaline thread ligation technique which is known as Kshara-sutra ligation, and it offers a better way to treat chronic fissure-in-ano than conventional surgery.  Kshara sutra method is least invasive para surgical procedure for cutting benign tissues like sentinel tag, piles, masses, warts, condyloma e.t.c. A highly specialized medicated thread is ligated tightly around the sentinel tag, which strangulate the tissue and cause necrosis. Thus, the tag falls off in 3-5 days. The underlying fissure heals up in 5-15days.                                

 Panchakarma – Basti

Externally – Avagaha Sweda – Sitz Bath with medicated decoctions

Internally – Deepana (Carminatives)

Pachana (Digestives)

Vatanulomana (correcting the function of Apana vayu)


Specific Asanas, Panayamas, mudras


  • Improving on the intake of water preferably warm water and food which makes digestion easier.
  • Avoid spicy-hot and citrus foods
  • Improved intake of diet rich in fibre and vegetables
  • Timely regular wholesome meals in a conducible non disturbing atmosphere.

Lifestyle changes:   specific to the individuals constitution, nature of work and geographical conditions.

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