Agnikarm in Parshni shool

Get instant results by Agnikarm in Parshni shool( heel pain,shoulder pain,back pain,knee pain etc)

Agnikarm  is one of the process described by ayurveda,our aacharyas decades before had given us all the methods of cure for different alinments by which we all are suffering today…and one of such thing described by aacharya sushruta is Agnikarm which is very useful in painful conditions like, pain in knee joint,shoulder joint,back pain,heel pain etc ….

Why don’t we use the ancient process for relieving pain instead of painkillers which are so harmful..

Process : 

It is done by specially prepared Agnikarm Shalaka which is prepared by panch dhatu or suvarna shlaka ,it is used according to the disease of the patient which may be present in twak(skin),mans,sira(vein),snayu(ligament),asthi(bone),sandhi(joint).

It take few minutes to do the process and the sittings of this process depends upon the severity of pain, the patient is having.

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